SEO for your website: 7 tips for ranking on Google

What are the best SEO practices for your website? What are the best tips for ranking on Google? See these and other topics in this article today!

Today, the purchasing process does not happen out of nowhere. Almost always, the internet user has already done a lot of research and research before purchasing, including on the biggest search engine today: Google.

And, as you know, appearing in the top positions of searches on search engines is a determining factor in the success of your business. Shall we see more on this subject?

SEO for your website: 7 tips for ranking on Google

More than 90% of an online purchase and experience starts with research. Therefore, it is strategic to work on your website so that it is at the top of internet searches. Therefore, among the best SEO techniques that help your website to be found by users, are the following.

Keyword strategies to rank on Google

Initially, among the tips for ranking on Google is the use of specific terms or keywords. To do this, you can search in places such as Google Keyword Planner or the Ubersuggest tool, for example.

Let’s assume you work in the weight loss niche, then see what are the most popular terms that people use when they do their searches. To that end, for a good keyword strategy, consider:

  • Find specific terms related to your business or niche;
  • Choose the most searched words, that is, the most important;
  • Think, imagine the user’s search intent. For example, “how to lose weight by eating everything”.

In fact, the particle “how” is one of the most used by internet users when searching. This way, your website will rank better on Google.

External and internal links

Another tip for ranking on Google lies in the use of external and internal links or as many treat the term: Link Building.

As for internal links, they are essential for your SEO strategy and help with user navigation, improving the authority of your website.

Internal links aim to direct the user or reader to other content within the same domain. For example, you direct the reader to see content that complements what they are reading.

In the same way, there are external links, as they help your website to rank on Google too.

So, you need to direct the user from your website to other websites, preferably relevant ones, so that these other domains generate value for the user. But try not to overuse external links.

Still on website SEO strategies, remember that other brands or websites will point to your website, only if it is relevant.

Using Meta description

The term Meta description is a brief description or summary of your page. It must have, on average, 150 characters and contain the keyword from the page title or content.

The focus of your meta-description is to summarize the content of the page, as well as serve as bait for the user to become interested in the content of the page. So, good SEO practices say that it needs to be attractive.

Create and publish relevant content

Another important point among the strategies for ranking on Google concerns the continuous publication of relevant content.

To do this, know that Google takes into account the quality of your content or materials, as they must offer something that answers a problem or is of interest to users.

For example, if you are in the weight loss niche, you can deal with the “best ways to lose weight quickly”; “5 best foods to speed up metabolism”, and so on.

If your content generates value for the user, they will return to your website more often. And the more traffic and hits on your website, Google understands that it is relevant.

In short, the tip is: create content or information with the best answers for users.

And this increases your website’s ranking on Google.

Never copy content from other websites

Another SEO tip for your website, it seems simple, but many people still fail in this aspect.

Don’t even think about copying content from other websites, as this constitutes plagiarism, which is an unethical practice and Google works with and values ​​good practices (ethical and politically correct).

So, remember that search engines do not tolerate plagiarism and your website could even suffer serious penalties.

In this sense, a tip is to always create and publish content and information on your website, but without copying, right?

Work on the title of your pages or content

From now on, the title is a determining factor for the user to decide whether or not they will read your content or information. And the longer people stay on your website, the Google algorithm understands that it has value, and that’s important.

The title of your pages has great weight for search engines, so try to work on important terms or keywords.

Have a professional website

First of all, don’t show yourself as an amateur to people. A website must convey professionalism and generate credibility for the user.

Another point is that a page that takes time to load or the navigation and/or user experience is bad, users will not return to your website or will abandon shopping carts and other factors.

Therefore, the search engine algorithm understands when your website is professional and offers a good experience to users. And this is one of the strategies for better ranking of your website. Therefore, investing in a professional website is important so that your business appears in the top positions of Google, for example.

Finally, in this article, you saw about SEO for your website: tips for ranking on Google.

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