08 advantages to becoming a freelancer

Among the many advantages of being a freelancer, the opportunity for professionals to be responsible for their own work planning stands out. This issue, in fact, has been one of the main factors in the migration of professionals who previously worked indoors in offices and followed predetermined schedules.

Another importance when deciding to become a freelancer is being able to work with clients who have a greater affinity with those who provide the service. Something that facilitates integration between the parties and a better final result than will be produced. After all, the proximity of both is greater.

It is clear that the job market has started to receive a large number of professionals who have decided to pursue their careers as freelancers in recent years. For many, it may seem like just a one-off alternative to the lack of formal employment.

But, in reality, the professionalism and quality of services provided over the years by some employees, combined precisely with the advantages that the possibility offers, have made this activity a path of no return. Not to mention the facilities that the internet offers for those who want to follow this lifestyle.

Therefore, here we have separated the main advantages of leaving aside the traditional method of work and becoming a freelancer.

08 advantages to becoming a freelancer

1. Schedule flexibility

Without a doubt, time flexibility is one of the great advantages of being a freelancer. There are professionals who can produce better in the morning, while others prefer the afternoon or evening to work. The decision to take weekends off or not is also up to each individual.

This way, it is possible to adjust your professional schedule with personal activities, such as going to the gym, studying, taking care of your children, among others. This situation goes hand in hand with better time management, which positively affects your personal life.

For this advantage to truly be a differentiator, professionalism must be a relevant point. In other words, it is not because of the possibility of choosing working hours that the freelancer has a justification for delaying the delivery of the service. Quite the opposite, as the customer will always be aware of production and deadlines.

2. Work from anywhere

Who doesn’t want the chance to choose where to work on certain days of the week? Or even for a certain period of life? This option is precisely another of the main advantages of being a freelancer, which is directly related to scheduling flexibility.

Initially, most of these professionals choose to carry out their activities from home. For this, it is important to reserve a special corner to become an office. Preferably, it should be silent and receive a great internet signal. Having a suitable computer for the activity is also extremely important.

From time to time, to escape isolation, many freelancers head to a space called coworking. It is a place with environments specially designed for independent work, where you can take your computer and mingle with other workers.

Coworking has become important for those who want to develop a good network with people from different areas. Some of these spaces even offer reserved rooms to receive clients.

3. Networking

Since the subject of networking was mentioned in the previous topic, know that this tool, if well developed, can result in new contracts. After all, the basic principle in this case is to gain more and more prominence and encourage the building of relationships with people in your professional environment.

Therefore, networking fits perfectly among the advantages of being a freelancer nowadays. Again, it is possible to refer to the previous item when talking about coworking space.

4. Greater productivity

Once a freelancer understands that they need to have an appropriate place to work, and plans to follow the chosen schedule, their productivity tends to be significant. This often does not happen in offices, due to the number of employees who share the same room.

Other factors that can be listed are pauses for conversations on side topics, coming and going that interfere with concentration and telephones that ring insistently. As well as stopping for meetings and interrupting a project in development to perform a task that has nothing to do with your role.

5. Increased knowledge

Anyone who works independently knows that one of the advantages of being a freelancer is the absorption of new knowledge. This happens due to the need to always be in search of new information through research and studies to develop work with excellence.

This is a possibility offered by the fact of working from home, without external pressure and limited time. Between stops for a coffee, or during idle time, there is nothing better than updating yourself on social networks, portals, blogs and books that discuss topics related to the activity carried out.

6. Lower expense

Just imagine the expenses that many workers with a formal contract have in their daily lives. Basically, these costs are related to fuel for travel and food, as well as other purchases that arise sporadically due to the long time “on the street”.

Freelancers who work from home avoid these expenses. Of course, it is necessary to have discipline regarding behavior.

In other words, do not abuse the use of electrical energy, for example, as in the case of air conditioning. When working from home, you can use lighter clothing and avoid this consumption.

7. Maximizing earnings

In short, the more jobs requested, the greater the revenue at the end of a month. It’s just not good business to take on too many jobs or projects and not be able to deliver them on time or with the right quality.

As long as these deliveries respect what is expected by the customer, the chances of increasing demand are imminent.

8. Exclusive freedoms

No jackets and ties and no restrictions on eating while working or bans on listening to music during working hours. A freelancer who works from home, on the beach, abroad or in a coworking space has complete freedom regarding clothing and other matters related to behavior.

Sometimes a brief stop in production is welcome to clear your head a little. Since you are your own boss, taking a quick look at WhatsApp messages or photos shared on Instagram is okay.

Going to the bathroom or even the refrigerator to see if there is something to eat or drink is also easier.

When you have full control over the schedule and what needs to be produced that day, nothing prevents the freelancer from stopping during a football match, television news program or soap opera. And resume the function later, if you have not already advanced your work precisely to take advantage of this scheduled break.

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