Personal marketing: what is it and how to stand out?

You may have heard that people need to know how to “sell themselves” at some point, right? This popular phrase is closely related to personal marketing. But what is this, anyway? If you already know how digital marketing works, then understanding personal marketing becomes even easier.

What is personal marketing?

Personal Marketing is a strategy that relies on several techniques with the aim of strengthening your personal image and reputation, through personal promotion, becoming a reference in your sector.

It is a way of managing your image and reputation, to attract more opportunities and professional growth.

Using techniques such as content production and positioning, professionals who use personal marketing are able to create a positive and influential image of themselves in the market, highlighting their qualities and increasing their authority.

Obviously, using these techniques does not mean lying, but rather highlighting the desired personal attributes with good image management.

How important is personal marketing?

Having a good personal brand is essential for anyone who wants to be successful professionally. This is because people tend to trust more personal brands that they know and like.

Human resources professionals and entrepreneurs are increasingly using social media to research job candidates. The job market is increasingly competitive and standing out is essential to achieving your professional goals.

By working on a good strategy, it is possible to boost your career and have more opportunities for growth. One of the main advantages of adopting personal marketing today is, therefore, increased visibility in the job market.

Consequently, you will also be able to develop authority in the sector, take advantage of various opportunities to promote your work and even gain new clients, if applicable.

Personal marketing vs professional marketing

After all, are personal and professional marketing the same thing? The answer is yes and no.

Professional marketing aims to work on your personal image looking at the professional environment, strengthening you as an authority figure in the job market and personal marketing also has this purpose.

However, personal marketing has a second approach, where it can be applied exclusively to your private life, if that is the intention.

A good example of personal marketing in this completely particular sense are the hundreds of influencers , from the most varied niches on the internet, who want to be a reference in their niche as a hobby or pleasure. This niche does not necessarily have to do with a job.

How to do personal marketing?

With personal marketing you will be able to consolidate yourself as a figure of reference and authority before companies and clients, achieving all your objectives more fluidly in the professional market.

And to achieve the desired level of authority on a given subject through your personal brand, you need to know that understanding the concept is important, but putting it into practice is what will bring you results.

With this in mind, we created this content with tips on how to do this in the best way.

So, if you want to know more about what personal marketing is and how to do it yourself, keep reading what we have prepared to help you make this strategy a reality in your life. Follow along!

Have self-knowledge

It is essential to have some degree of self-knowledge to draw up an effective personal marketing strategy. To help you develop this journey, you can make a SWOT matrix of yourself.

This way, you will have a very comprehensive view of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities that you can take advantage of and threats that should be on your radar.

With your personal SWOT analysis done, focus on what you do well initially and create a plan to improve your weaknesses.

Know your difference

Before you start working on your personal brand, it is important that you know what sets you apart. Ask yourself questions like: what do I best offer? What am I an expert in? Write everything down and detail all your strengths, which can be highlighted in your future strategy.

Your difference doesn’t have to be just one thing and that’s it, something fixed. It is what makes you unique, like a habit, a characteristic of your personality or even some course or training.

Finally, discovering all these points will serve as a guide for all your personal marketing actions.

How do you want to be recognized?

Define your desired path and write it down: What position do you wish to have in people’s minds? What attributes would you like to be connected with?

Having this clarity will help you draw up a solid strategy and develop consistent content that reinforces these points, helping you to enhance your personal marketing.

Personal marketing on social media

Social media is the perfect platform to build and manage your personal brand. They give you the opportunity to showcase your talent and knowledge to a large number of people.

On Linkedin, for example, you can work hard on your networking and make valuable contacts, in addition to, of course, exploring your full potential on the largest corporate social network in recent times. Use the platform’s features to boost your profile and get noticed by more people.

Produce relevant content

The quality of the content you produce will reflect your knowledge and will have an impact on your image. Therefore, always prioritize the production and dissemination of relevant content, connected to what your target audience is looking for and aligned with the demands of each platform.

With that in mind, know how to choose a channel that favors you. If you like writing, create a blog. If you like cameras, post videos/photos (YouTube and Instagram, for example). If you have design skills, post artwork (like on Pinterest). If you like audio, make a podcast.

Vary the formats and reach more and more people. Research the most used techniques in each of them and deliver the best.

Have clear and assertive communication

Communicating clearly and assertively is fundamental to the success of good personal marketing. When producing your content, be careful with communication noise, pay attention not to make spelling or grammatical errors, for example.

For those who record videos, non-verbal language (tone of voice, body language, environmental colors, style of clothing) plays a very important role for your audience. Everything on screen communicates and must be thought of strategically, intentionally, aligned with your objectives.

Personal pitch

Stand out by creating a good personal pitch. The Pitch is a short and direct presentation of yourself that will “sell” your personal and professional characteristics, demonstrating all your differences in an attractive way.

To create your pitch, you must clearly identify your context and objective. What do you want to achieve with it? There are two types of personal pitch, the long one and the tweet style. To create your tweet pitch (the compressed version), you must:

  1. What do I do and which category do I fit into?

Preferably look for a category that allows you to differentiate yourself as much as possible, while being unusual, to stand out and build your reputation with your interlocutor.

  1. Define your target audience
    Know who you are talking to and how they like to be addressed
  2. Finally, result. What result do I add?

Highlight the added value behind your work and differences.


Networking is the art of making connections and creating relationships. Whether online or offline, this is a great way to expand your network of contacts, which can yield good results, whether through partnerships or even generating engagement with your content.

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