How to create an article and make money from it?

After all, how to create an article and make money through it? What is the step-by-step process to create an article?

There are some options for you to get out of the financial pinch, that is, to live with your finances more balanced, this is possible through your writing. Find out how, in this article!

Creating and publishing an article

So, when you publish your article, you can insert some links to your products (or affiliates) to direct your lead to learn about your offer. But be careful not to overdo it when inserting links, as it may have the opposite effect on your post (article).

As a writer

A writer is a person who exercises the ability to write. Through writing we can inform, generate value, persuade, enchant, among other possibilities.

So, anyone who writes well can turn this skill into an extra income option or even have it as a profession.

You can start your writing career by applying on freelance websites, such as 99Freelas, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc.


Firstly, the work of a Copywriter is a way to make money with articles too.

A copywriter is a person with persuasive writing skills. This is a professional who can convince others about an idea, a project, a benefit, an unamicable opportunity, etc.

This professional is, today, a highly coveted person in the market in all areas, as all companies need to sell and, therefore, the copywriting skill means that people are directed towards a conversion or sale.

So, it’s another idea on how to make money writing. Well, now let’s see how to create an article?

How to create an article and make money from it

How to create an article and make money through it

To create an article and make money from it, just follow these steps we have prepared: See:

Define the theme

The theme involves the problem to be addressed, discussed and possible solutions identified.

Therefore, thinking about what people have questions about is a way to find the topic of your article. Think about how this topic could help people who will read your article.

Also remember to define the keywords around this topic. To do your research, you can use Google’s word planner.

This way, you will also have found the topic of your article.

Think about your persona

Your persona is your character that has the characteristics of an ideal customer. Think about your persona and how your article will generate value in their lives.

After all, there’s no point in me dealing with a subject or theme that people or your persona won’t be interested in. So, think and outline the general profile of your reader/persona to define the message or content to be created.

Think of a good title

Another point to be addressed, when creating an article and making money through it, is thinking about its title. The title of an article must be attractive, to the point of making the reader want to read the rest of the content.

So, know that a title carries a promise that must be delivered during the creation of the article. Another point is that it generally shows a possible solution to the reader. For example:

  • 10 ways to make money working from home;
  • Lose healthy weight with this 10-step routine;
  • Teach your pet to pee in the right place!

Also remember to insert your keywords in the title.

How to create an article: perfect your writing

From now on, still talking about how to create an article, know that you must have language aimed at your persona. So, depending on your persona and your niche, you should use more or less formal language.

Another point is that the ideas must be clear so as not to confuse the reader and still make them understand the content. Therefore, try to use simpler words and language in general. And as for the paragraphs in your article, they should be shorter. The sentences in your content should also be short, as this makes it easier for the reader to understand.

Use good images

Pictures, as they say, are worth 1000 words. They are responsible for making your article look better and more attractive.

Therefore, it is worth including good images. Remembering that they must have a connection with the subjects of your text. Combined?

You can create these images from Canva.

How to create an article: review your article

Among the tips for creating an article and making money through it, another important point is that when you finish your article, you will need to do a thorough review of it.

So, after writing, let it “rest” for a while, while you take a walk, drink some water or something similar, as this helps to bring more concentration when reviewing the article.

In a good article, we must eliminate language errors, spelling and grammar errors, as well as typing errors. Right?

Create a CTA

A CTA is a call to action. Therefore, anyone who wants to make money with an article should know that you must ask your reader to take some action when reading your text. For example:

  • Click on your affiliate link to discover a solution for their life;
  • Share content with more people;
  • Find out about a solution that your company offers, by clicking on a link.

In other words, if you don’t ask the reader to do something, you will hardly be able to generate a conversion from a published article.

Finally, you have seen here how to create an article and make money through it. Now that you know how to write an article and profit from it, get your hands dirty and improve your income or earn extra income, okay?

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