Discover 08 ideas for working as a freelancer

Anyone interested in working from home, looking for a service that provides more flexibility, doing what they like and in the time they have available, may end up seeing many benefits in some types of freelance work. These are services that can be performed without an employment relationship, such as CLT contracting.

Here you will find some job ideas available for those who want to work as a freelancer, so that you can get the one that best fits your profile, or that you have the most skills and familiarity with.

08 ideas for working as a freelancer

See below 08 suggestions for freelance work, how they work and why they are ideal for freelancers:

1. English language writer/translator

More and more companies want to appear on the international market, which is why they look for professionals to translate their texts into English. Do you have experience abroad or have you finished your English course some time ago? Do you have good fluency in the language? A good freelance opportunity is to offer writing/translating services for the English language.

Companies are increasingly interested in gaining visibility in the international market, but they do not always have professionals fluent in writing in English. Then they end up hiring the freelancer to help them. It works well because it can be done from anywhere, all you need, in addition to understanding English (American or British), is a computer with internet access and a text editing program.

2. Painting and drawing

Illustrator is one of the types of freelance jobs you can pursue. Those who have a talent for painting and drawing also find space in the freelance market to offer their services. You can even use the internet to publicize your work. Post on social networks, use some sites.

There is also the opportunity to apply to offer your services to children’s book publishers, who are looking for illustrators for their publications.

The most important tip is not to be afraid to publicize yourself, show your work, even while it is still in progress. When talking about illustration and painting, many people like to know the artist’s technique.

3. Search Marketing

Anyone who has good knowledge of search marketing can find good opportunities as a freelancer.

Professionals who have specific knowledge in digital marketing, such as search marketing, also stand out in the freelance market.

They are people who understand all the strategies that help a website maintain its top positions in search engines. Mastery of SEO (Searching Engine Optimization) is the most requested, but those who understand other online search techniques also gain space in the freelance market.

To work in the area, it is important to have practical and technical knowledge, including previous work and courses related to SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SEO.

4. Crafts

Crochet is one of the types of work for freelancers done by hand. Having an online store is not exclusive to companies. You, who work from home as a freelancer, can also open one, with the aim of selling crafts, jewellery, clothes, food and various other crafts.

The website or blog allows you to promote yourself, gain more customers and sell your products. And, believe me, many people make a living from selling clothes or food, two types of products that are highly sought after.

To work in this type of freelance work, all you need is time to promote (mainly on social media) and experience with some type of craft. As long as it involves the famous handmade, it’s already something valid.

5. Audio Services

Audio editing has gained as much space in the freelance market as video editing.

You may have already noticed that companies seek to make different types of materials available online. Not only texts are found, but also videos and podcasts or other types of audio. As a result, the search for professionals who understand audio editing has grown significantly.

Still within audio services, another professional who has gained ground is the one who teaches how to speak while recording a podcast or advertisement, for example. If you understand editing or public speaking focused on audio recording, you will certainly find services available.

As in other freelance areas, it is ideal that you do not just do the service as an amateur, but have already been working in the area for some time and always seek to become even more professional.

6. Video editing

After Effects Videos are a trend in digital marketing, which increases the search for professionals who understand how to do good editing.

For some time, the search for designers involved only knowledge of Photoshop and other photo editing tools. Today, with the increasing trend of video productions for the internet, it is necessary to have someone who understands video editing software, such as After Effects.

If you are a designer and understand video editing, you have a good chance of getting jobs in the area. It’s interesting for those who have been using the After Effects program for some time.

7. Author or writer

Authors and writers can sell their own books and texts or work as a ghost writer.

Authors and writers – and people who really enjoy writing – also have space in the freelance market. It is important to have a good knowledge of the language or to have a proofreader working together.

They can sell their own work, publishing their books independently, through websites or work directly with a printer. In addition to becoming known among readers, it is also a way to attract the attention of publishers and, who knows, close a contract in the future.

Another job for writers is the ghost writing service, in which they will write books on behalf of other people.

Enjoying writing is one of the main prerequisites, in addition to creativity to develop different stories that win over a certain audience.

8. Online consultancy

Consulting services, especially those offered online, open up space for freelancers from different areas.

Do you have solid knowledge in any specific area? It could be something you work with or even related to your training. If the answer was “yes”, what do you think about providing online consultancy services? It is possible to work as an executive secretary, business coaching and even digital marketing.

All you will do is, after contacting a particular company, help them understand how they can improve their processes. For example, you understand a lot about digital marketing and decided to work in consultancy. Your client is still new to the market and is looking for suggestions on what they can do. You will analyze everything he does and provide alternatives.

You need to be someone who is always up to date with the latest market trends and willing to renew their knowledge. Analytical profile is also important, as you need to understand what problems your customer goes through and then provide the best solution.

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