The importance of insurance in our life

Insurance has multiple jobs that have a positive return not only for the ordinary individual, but also for the individual community. The importance of insurance is evident through the following main functions. Insurance is a safety tool and a vehicle for the formation of neglected capital that contributes essentially to the process of economic development. Insurance is finally an instrument of various credit tools. And we see successively each of these jobs.

A- A safety tool: Moycn de Securite

 Insurance is the result of deterioration and precaution, and through insurance the insured remedies a risk or disaster that befalls him. This redemption is the guarantee in advance of the material means that enable it to eliminate the harmful consequences that it incurs from the realization of the danger. The individual needs safety, i.e. a sense of reassurance, and the source of that need is a multiplicity of the risks surrounding it, whether those that result from natural phenomena that do not enter his wills therein or those resulting from technical progress in the field of the machine and the spread of its use for daily purposes and insurance provides this safety or protection, so the next is a guarantee for the individual And a factor of restoring self-confidence and encouraging an increase in productive and investment capacity, which depends significantly on the natural growth of the national economy. Not only that. Insurance also contributes to providing the necessary protection for development projects that are going through difficult circumstances, such as their exposure to the risk of fire, because through the amounts of insurance (compensation) you can continue their work and production.

B-Moyen de constitution des Capiteaux capital formation tool.

Insurance is an effective way to create important capital. Accumulation of insurance premiums allows the insured to obtain at the end of the insurance period a reliable capital that he could not have saved had it not been for the insurance procedure, due to the possibility that the insured himself consumed these premiums as a result of his different needs. Insurance in this way is a sure way of organized savings. And the accumulation of premiums, on the other hand, is new capital, with insurance companies contributing to the process of developing economic development, by investing these funds in public projects, whether industrial or real estate. Likewise, insurance companies can provide the necessary amounts in the form of loans provided to some vital projects that may suffer from financial difficulties, thus helping to resume production operations on a regular basis and invest at the same time their funds.

C – Moyen de Credit

The insurance policy has a financial value and a specific Prix price, which is related to the amount of insurance determined in the insurance policy and to the insured thing. On the basis of this value, the insured can obtain loans or amounts that he may need for his purposes, and this is done by pledging the policy with others or to the insurance company itself. Creditors currently find in the insurance an effective image of the credit as the creditor resorts to insuring the debts that he has before others by either insuring a liability insurance or insurance from insolvency Assurance d, insoivabilite. (2) Les bases techniques de L, assurance. Insurance is a process that is actually based on a scientifically organized institution. It is an art that is based on the idea of ​​contributing La Mutulite and distributing risks according to the rules of statistics and reinsurance. The process of conducting insurance is also based on what is taken from the precautionary means.

A- Contribution: La Mutualite

The insurance process necessarily assumes a group of people exposed to a specific risk or risk, so the insured cannot practically deal with individual cases, otherwise we were facing a bet and gambling, and the assumed quantum amount represents the independent contribution of each case in settling accidents or dangers that may occur for some of the insured. The settlement of risks is done through the balance of the coverage derived from the financial payments, i.e. the premiums that are paid by the total of the insured. The contribution has a positive impact on the rate of the financial burden that falls on each of them. Therefore, it has been reached to dissolve the risks and avoid them.

B- Statistics: Les donnes statisiques

Statistics is based on the analysis of a specific set of homogeneous cases. As insurance is a probabilistic contract, the insurance process can only take place in practice, based on an assessment of the possibilities, i.e. an advance estimate of the number and importance of the risks that will occur or can be achieved during a specific time period in relation to the total of the insured. The calculation of probability L, evaluation de Probabilite is carried out only according to the rules of statistics in the sense of analyzing a group of cases similar to their circumstances and material elements for the purpose of arriving at an inventory of opportunities to achieve risk in the future and when the opportunities for achieving the insured risk were determined from it, then the insured insurance company can determine the price of insurance that The insurance premium is to be paid. Hence the importance of statistics in conducting the insurance process.

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