technical principles of insurance

Perhaps the insistence of insurance companies not to compensate for the deliberate loss is due to:

a. The desire to limit personal causes of hazards.

B. The desire to preserve the national wealth of society.

C. Adhere to the legal principles that illegitimate enrichment at the expense of others is illegal.

Dr.. Maintaining the scientific and technical assets of the insurance and providing accuracy in the process of measuring risk.

Second: The principle of financial loss

This principle means that the loss resulting from the verification of the insured risk cause is a financial loss that can be measured and not a moral or psychological loss that is difficult to measure. And the importance of this principle appears at the beginning of the insurance process to help calculate the premium, and at the end of the insurance process to help in the process of calculating the value of the loss. This is because if the loss was significant, it would not have been possible to estimate it, or the proportion that would be commensurate with it.

However, in some cases it is possible to insure things that cannot be measured through pre-determined insurance contracts in which the amount of insurance is paid, regardless of the amount of loss achieved, such as the singer’s throat, the player’s fingers, the footballer’s legs, or the rare antiques.

Third: The principle of the spread of danger

This principle in the field of insurance means three different meanings:

The spread of danger geographically and not being concentrated in one place:

That is, it is not possible to insure the risk units located in one geographical area from one risk, as the risk phenomenon is realized in the form of an accident for one risk unit that will be transferred from this unit to the other insured units, which can increase in the value of the financial loss committed by a company Insurance in the form of required compensation. For example, when insuring a group of factories located in one place from the risk of fire, if the fire accident occurs for one of the insured units, that fire will be transmitted to the rest of the other insurance units – the rest of the factories – which will double the compensation that the insurance company adheres to. As a result, the financial loss of more than one risk unit is realized.

Therefore, the believer is trying hard to get away from this geographic concentration so that he is not exposed to the payment of huge sums as a result of one accident, which affects a large number of the insured units as they are geographically focused.

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